Purr More - Hiss Less


The Toys

Nip Mats

Nip mats are special toys/mats filled with catnip or silver vine cat nip blend that will drive your kitty wild! Just open it, add the nip, and shake it up. This toy will provide you with endless entertainment and your kitty with euphoric catnip bliss.

Green Beans

Green Beans are eco friendly organic catnip or silver vine cat nip blend toys. Their small size will make it easy for kitty to bat it about, flip it in the air, and carry it around. Green Beans are filled with organic catnip and recycled paper bits giving them a bean bag like feel.


Mewdles are very fun interactive wand toys that will provide you and kitty with endless entertainment. Get your kitty physical and have them chase, hunt, jump in the air, and even attack the Mewdle. There is no rule book so go wild.


A Kick-It is a monster of a toy! Filled with organic catnip or silver vine cat nip blend and crinkle or recycled paper bits.  It is long enough for kitty to grab on to with their front paws and rake with their back paws.


Crisps are fun catnip or silver vine cat nip blend toys with a crispy surprise to give that wrapper sound and feel when kitty bites 'em. They are small toys that kitty can toss about and carry around with lots of catnip power!

Bedding & Human Stuff

Snuggly detailed quilts for nap time and fabulous mattress sets for the Ikea Cat (doll) Beds.  Also fun key fobs, bags, and more!  


Her expression says it all! She loves the Mewdle so much, especially the crackling noise it makes! Adorable fabric and packaging; plus, a portion of the sale goes to kitties in need. Thanks from my happy kitty, Fanny!


My cat, who has NEVER paid attention to anything I've purchased for her for the past 10 years, catnip wares included, is obsessed with this thing. A+


This got whacked all over the house as soon as I gave it to the catz. It's light enough to whack & chase all over and makes a good bump under a rug to attack.


Love the kick-it so much! It is huge, which in necessary for my big boys! It is really well made, and the fabric is beautiful.


Stacey, Mischa and Sammy are the trio of kindhearted geniuses, creating my cat’s absolute favorite toy ever!!! I love that they give back to the local animal shelter too :)


26 minutes in and it's soaked with kitty spit and being guarded for dear life. Thanks for making kitty Christmas wishes come true!


I wasn't sure how my cats would feel about a catnip mat, but it has become their favorite. I love to watch my fluffy guy drag this around before throwing it down and rubbing all over it. It's a hit!


What a lovely and accommodating seller! She put together a special gift package for me just the way I asked, was very friendly and my goodies arrived very promptly. Not only that, she also helps homeless animals!


Leo loves sitting on this mat! This is the first time I've ever seen him loaf! Such a cute print also!